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Greetings fellow car enthusiasts! I’m John Mallard and I have recently taken over the role of Membership Officer. My love of Lotus goes back to the Bond films era when they were the star attractions.

Never thought I’d be in a position to own one but a small financial windfall and the coincidental advertising of a Lotus locally meant it was meant to be (following wife’s approval of course!). My first Lotus was back in 2008 and was a 1989 Esprit generally called an X180. It had been upgraded over the years by previous owners with a later model spoiler front end bumpers and numerous mechanical upgrades. It was a pleasure to drive and the high gloss black paintwork always turned heads. In 2017 I was swayed into buying a 2007 Europa S. A rare model and this one was extensively modified and was a raw analogue blast of fun.

It never quite scratched that itch though for a later, more sophisticated Esprit so in 2021 by more lucky coincidences I purchased a 1998 V8 Esprit. Not in the same league as some of the later model Exiges, Evoras or of course the new flagship Emira but suits an aging car nut like myself.

The members are a friendly bunch, always willing to chat and swap stories or offer help and advice if need be, so even if your sports car is off the road, or wasn’t made in Hethel, you are still most welcome amongst us. As long as you’re enamoured with Lotus cars. Just click on the link under the membership tab and follow the instructions.

The annual membership subscription is $65.00 and covers the period 1st of June to 31st of May.

The subscription includes club benefits for a spouse/partner and children under 18 years. If any family member is a Motorsport NZ competitor – they will need a separate subscription.


Please pay the subscription by direct credit, using your name as a reference, so we can identify your payment.

Club Lotus Inc. account number: 12 3075 0105636 00