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I’m David White (Membership Coordinator) from Club Lotus NZ, with a little story…

Not so long ago was a CLNZ run from Auckland up the Awhitu Peninsula. The first leg was freezing, despite big jackets and our heater on full bore. My wife is smarter and suggested that installing the roof might be useful. She was proved right, again, as the double-speed wiper was called into action in short order! But even though the weather was blustery, and squally between brief periods when the sun shone, the roads were mostly empty and suitably curvaceous. The scenery was “Wow Out Loud” at times (from huge wind-driven surf to violently steep farmland gullies). And did I say the roads were sealed and winding? Beyond all that, though, was the interaction with other club members – some I’d already met, and some I hadn’t (or I forgot that I had!). But every one was a pleasant and interesting person – fascinating to talk with over lunch. That was the best.

Even if your sports car is off the road, or wasn’t made in Hethel, you are still most welcome amongst us. As long as you’re enamoured with Lotus cars. Just full in the form below, then follow the instructions about payment.

The annual membership subscription is $65.00 and covers the period 1st of June to 31st of May.

The subscription includes club benefits for a spouse/partner and children under 18 years. If any family member is a Motorsport NZ competitor – they will need a separate subscription.


Please pay the subscription by direct credit, using your name as a reference, so we can identify your payment.

Club Lotus Inc. account number: 12 3075 0105636 00